My Mission

Vegabond Soul

My soul is happiest traveling the world and absorbing the colors and patterns I incorporate into my art.

Sharing the Love

It is my goal to add a bit of color and happiness to the world through my art. When someone smiles, seeing a piece of my art, then I know I'm meeting my mission.

Be Happy

If you are brave enough to showcase a bright and vibrant piece of art, then know you are brave enough to show all sides of yourself.  The world deserves to know YOU.

Who I Am


I paint as a meditation to quiet my mind and to add spashes of color where ever I can. 


Fiercely independent I believe in making your own destiny and happiness and neither is equal to the amount of money in one's bank account.


Everyone has a story that is unique and educational. I never write off a person but rather try to figure out why that person is in my life at that time.

Things I love


My greatest joy is being a mother. Seeing the world through my two sons' eyes has taught me patience, kindness and curiosity.

Cultural Exchange

I'm a free-spirited adventurer who loves to travel  looking for inspiration.  Immersion in other cultures is the biggest step we as people could take for world peace.


The need to create oozes from my pores.  I can no more stop my creative urges than I can stop breathing. I adore bright colors, unusual lines and functional art.